The Management Board, the Shareholders’ Committee and the Supervisory Board are committed to ensuring that the management and stewardship of the company are conducted in a responsible and transparent manner aligned to achieving a long-term increase in shareholder value. With this in mind, they have pledged themselves to the following three principles:

  • Value creation as the foundation of our management approach
  • Sustainability achieved through the application of socially responsible management principles
  • Transparency supported by an active and open information policy

The Management Board, Supervisory Board and Shareholder’s Committee work in close cooperation for the benefit of the company. The Management Board agrees on the strategic direction of the company with the Shareholders’ Committee and discusses with it the status of strategy implementation at regular intervals.

In keeping with good corporate management practice, the Management Board informs the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders’ Committee regularly, and in a timely and comprehensive fashion, of all relevant issues concerning business policy, corporate planning, profitability, the business development of the corporation and its major affiliated companies, and also matters relating to risk exposure and risk management.