There is a reason why our Adhesive Technologies business is the global leader in adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings: 
developing new technologies and solutions for the future is one of our core priorities.

Customers during a tour in front of the Automated Lab


We translate know-how and technology expertise into impactful innovations. 
Our Adhesives Technologies business cooperates with external partners around the world – large corporations, start-ups, or partners from our ecosystem – to develop and drive ideas forward together, to inspire each other, and provide mutual support. 


In addition to our materials, applications and engineering expertise, we offer access to our global R&D and expert network, automation and digitalization, such as artificial intelligence (AI) or modeling and simulation, to accelerate innovation processes, new business solutions that outperform the competition and are, of course, sustainable.


Providing cutting-edge expertise in chemistry, formulation and applied engineering.

Our leading technologies and world-class services are available in more than 150 countries, with global R&D and manufacturing facilities on every continent, to ensure solutions that meet your specific needs, wherever you are. Leverage our materials innovation expertise in the areas of ideal chemistry selection, smart formulation design, material design for seamless customer process integration, sustainable raw materials, tailored performance for customer value, and additional functionalities (e.g., fire safety, conductivity, optical clarity). We also provide mechanical testing under static, quasi-static, dynamic and cyclic loading. If required, we can also take environmental effects into account. In addition to standardized tests, this includes the investigation of customer-specific components and test vehicles in static, dynamic/crash, fatigue and durability tests under thermal and weathering conditions, as well as automated formulation and testing.


Bringing the best know-how together through collaboration & partner ecosystems.

Developing breakthrough solutions in so many different areas cannot be done alone. That is why we create them together with our technology & services business accelerators in 3D printing, printed electronics and automation solutions and external partners in an open innovation approach: Our partners are leading experts from applied science institutes, research institutes, equipment companies, customers and suppliers and start-ups. With our partner ecosystems we combine our cutting-edge in-house expertise in chemistry, formulation, and applied engineering with leading know-how of many disciplines, giving us access to digital expertise, strategically relevant technologies & applications, and exciting new business models.


Driving new growth opportunities combining venture building, partnering and investments.

We are not just envisioning the future – we are pioneering it. We follow several strategic imperatives – venture building, strategic partnering, TechVentures (CVC), and a thorough investment strategy – we aim not only to adapt but to lead in an ever-evolving business landscape. We power up our core portfolio through innovation, pioneer new material solutions, and dynamically embrace digital business models building on our leading know-how.


Formulating better products at reduced time-to-market through automation & digitalization. 

Automation & digitalization speed up our processes, enabling us to formulate better products at reduced time-to-market. Accelerate your innovations faster with our automated labs and our digital end-to-end lab data platform connecting 61 R&D locations in 30 countries. Make use of our digital expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), statistical DoE in formulation design as well as our agile innovation project management. In addition, we drive your next-generation solutions with our power of modeling & simulation through CAD design & CAE​, Finite Elements Analysis (FEA), dynamic/static​ thermal modelling​, non-destructive failure analysis and material cards​ or FE-calculation on material & components​.



Supporting our teams and partners through investing in first-class R&D infrastructure worldwide.

Continuous investment in our world-class R&D infrastructure worldwide supports close collaboration with our customers in over 800 industry segments – enabling us to research and work together more efficiently on megatrends such as mobility or connectivity. We are developing new technologies that enable us to continue improving products and business models – providing our customers with more targeted, customized solutions. 
This happens in our Innovation Centers around the world.



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