got2b – The brand that truly shows your personality

If you’ve got the attitude, we’ve got your color and style!

The growing trend brand was launched in the styling category in 2001, in the US and can now be found in Europe and Asia. The brand expanded to the Coloration category in 2017 with the launch of got2b color.

got2b’s success is driven by trendy and sophisticated innovations that are focused on styling benefits and color creativity with an edgy execution.

got2b styling’s main segment is the gel/creme/wax category with the glued range being its top seller. In the hairspray and setting category, the 2sexy range and beach matt launch have been established successes on the market.

got2b color’s main segment is the semi-permanent Bright/Pastel range being its top seller. Mix and create your own color intensity. Spice-up your hair with electrifying color or go pastel: mix, apply, enjoy ! In the washable segment, the Strand Up hair chalk range and Color Craft sprays have been established successes on the market.

From volume, shine, hold and spike, to bold, pastel, metallic or glitter, got2b’s portfolio offers the right tools for your individual and edgy look.