At Henkel, Corporate citizenship is our way of “Making society future-fit”. Our activities are designed to empower people through education to obtain the skills and competencies needed to develop innovative ideas, sustainable behaviors, and new digital solutions that will put them in a position to master future challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Together with our employees, pensioners, customers, consumers, partners and charitable organizations, we are committed to making a lasting contribution to society worldwide, above and beyond our business activities. We work together  to actively contribute to social progress and give back to our communities contributions that improve our society and adhere to our purpose and corporate values. 

Deeply embedded in our corporate culture is the drive and character of Corporate Citizenship to go beyond our core daily business and make a voluntary social commitment. With these efforts, we are letting our communities know with more than words that we are Pioneers at Heart for the Good of Generations.

Henkel’s commitment is based on three pillars: volunteer engagement by our employees, partnerships with charitable organizations, and emergency aid with focus on natural disasters and pandemics. Discover the three areas in which we organize our engagement.

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A special thanks to “Karan Khanna - Sr. Mgr D2C Controlling & Business Development, Funda Mutlu - Head of Vocational Training Germany, Alexander Rüegg - Corporate Communications Manager and Simon Ellis - Int. Creative Director - Schwarzkopf Professional

Social Partnerships

We take responsibility for the good of generations. Building on the integrity inherent to a family-owned business, we leverage the unique Henkel spirit by entering into social partnerships in the communities where we live and where Henkel operates to support social initiatives and public institutions. We realize ideas and programs that answer societal problems and challenges. We do this worldwide ­– in our functions on a corporate level as well as through our brands,  business units and in our regions.

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We strive to ensure the future readiness of society through education, especially in innovation, sustainability, and digitalization. We contribute our time to this cause by providing financial support, product donations, education, and know-how.

Voluntary commitment of employees

Volunteering is the lifeblood of our social commitment. When we get active on personal level, the impact can be life-changing! That is why we support our employees, retirees and teams in their social volunteering activities that contribute to a better world.

The team teaches lessons on the basics of general hygiene – including how to brush your teeth properly.

MIT: Make an Impact on Tomorrow
In 1998, the MIT: Make an Impact on Tomorrow initiative was launched making Henkel one of the first German companies to include voluntary social engagement as a key element of its Corporate Citizenship activities.

Emergency Aid

We support people who find themselves in an emergency situation due to crises, conflicts or natural disasters quickly and unbureaucratically and offer immediate aid in cooperation with the Fritz Henkel Stiftung. Therefore Henkel and its employees have demonstrated impressive collaboration in supporting our Ukrainian colleagues and the affected people with diverse aid measures as well as financial donations. For the effected ones by the earthquake disaster in Türkiye & Syria Henkel has decided on an ad-hoc emergency aid package. This includes urgently needed donations in-kind, product donations and financial aid.


If you would also like to privately support emergency aid through the Fritz Henkel Stiftung, you can do so with a donation. 

Reach out the Fritz Henkel Stiftung for more details: