At Henkel's Adhesives Technologies business we make an impact through our innovative and sustainable solutions. 
We translate know-how and technology expertise into impactful innovations for the future 
while contributing to foster sustainability across industries.

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For over 100 years, our Adhesive Technologies business has changed industries through innovative solutions. Our promise has been the same: we continue to innovate forward each and every day.


Our innovation activities and resources on technology development are driven by five megatrends.


With our innovative solutions we are encouraging the transition of urban areas to improve livability and reduce environmental impacts while maximizing economic and social co-benefits. We do so for example by developing bonding solutions that transform wood into a high-performance structural building material.

A sustainable home and lifestyle is not only good for the planet, but also for your health, well-being, and budget. By choosing eco-friendly materials, products, and practices, you can reduce your environmental footprint, save money, and create a comfortable and cozy living space.


E-mobility is rapidly picking up speed. Driven by people's increasing awareness of climate change and their desire for sustainable mobility. With our innovative adhesives and sealants we are playing a key role in battery assembly and safety for electric vehicles and so driving the future of mobility.

But our solutions are not limited to the automotive sector. We also support the next generation aerospace industry with high-performance adhesives and sealants that enable lighter, stronger and more efficient aircraft designs. Whether it is electric mobility or aerospace, we are committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers and the planet.


From advanced driver assistance systems to smartphones or connected home devices – connectivity touches nearly every facet of lives, and so are doing our solutions. We are developing products that improve today’s electronic technologies and enable a digitized future.

Our expertise in future communication networks and future electronics allows us to create innovative and reliable solutions for various applications and industries. Whether it is automotive, industrial, consumer, or medical, we help our customers to achieve their goals and shape the future of connectivity.


Be it with artifical intelligence (AI) or augmented reality (AR): We systematically analyze, measure, and evaluate our new products with diverse digital tools. Using our data analytics and platforms allows us not only to monitor data in real-time but to create transparency about our research results around the world. Among other things, we make use of life cycle analyses, raw material profiles, and 3D printing technologies.

We use these digital tools to innovate in fields like smart maintenance, smart healthcare, and smart surfaces / functional coatings. These fields involve sensors, data analysis, predictive algorithms, digital solutions, and materials that can change their properties or functions.


We are committed to leadership in sustainability. To bring our ambition to life we are constantly challenging and improving our material science and scientific know-how in bonding, sealing and coating. Our aim: We will offer every customer solutions that enable emission reduction and circularity.

By applying our expertise in circularity, we are developing innovative products and processes that reduce waste, save resources and extend the lifespan of materials. We are also investing in low-emission solutions that help our customers and partners to lower their carbon footprint and achieve their climate goals.


Our success stories highlight how we are making an impact and drive innovation. Read more about the megatrends that drive us and discover how we create sustainable value across industries and applications.

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18 JUNE -20 JUNE

Battery Show Europe 2024

At the Battery Show Europe 2024, Stuttgart, in Hall 10, Stand G10, Henkel will showcase its breakthrough capabilities that improve every stage of the battery lifecycle. Highlights include debondable adhesives that enable battery circularity by facilitating repair, reuse and recyclability, as well as the latest modelling and simulation capabilities to help customers and partners accelerate their product development timelines.

29 Oct

Long Night of Industry

The  “Long Night of Industry ” (in German, “Lange Nacht der Industrie”) creates something unique: on one evening, companies open their doors to the public at the same time and present themselves side by side. The result is an evening that shows what industry makes possible. Where it solves problems and creates opportunities.



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